Trusted Partner

We add world-class bench strength to the ever-stretched resources of corporate M&A and corporate development departments. We bring bulge bracket Investment banking expertise – expertise that ensures that we are well-versed in the rigorous analysis, deal creativity, and presentation skills required by Fortune 100 clients.

MG Capital Advisory Group LLC


While still supplying the required level of Wall Street deal experience and analytical expertise, we align ourselves directly with corporate development to dig deep into corporate opportunities long before they may become “deals.” These opportunities may be eventually rejected or shaped into deals but benefit substantially from trusted, world-class banking expertise inside the process and not from self-interested deal-makers pushing transactions for fees.


  • We know the highest standards of quality and detail expected for presentation to corporate executives and the Board of Directors.
  • We are continuously available – an extension of staff, not a helicopter presence when convenient.
  • We have the expertise required to produce extensive product line presentations and responsive, detailed computer models.
  • We have demonstrated prowess in applying new modeling and statistical techniques that result in superior insight into valuation and produce more options for transaction structure and design.


  • Greater efficiency in the use of very limited existing corporate development resources.
  • Permits staff to pursue projects that could be valuable but which could not otherwise be staffed.
  • Provides confidence that the work product meets internal standards of quality and mirrors corporate presentation.
  • Provides the highest standards of Wall Street analytics, expertise, and experience without having to expose internal processes and discussions to a Wall Street firm.
  • Leverages the resources of existing staff by introducing a deeper level of diligence and analysis.