MG Capital has a wealth of experience in a large variety of industries and transactions. Our principals have worked on critical assignments for AT&T, HBO, Singapore Telecom, Citigroup, Freddie Mac, and Macy’s, as well as for numerous early-stage companies with high-growth prospects. Our experience provides a unique toolkit that solves client problems, most often through innovative securities design, negotiation strategy, and value discovery.  We enjoy a reputation for uncompromising dedication to our clients and creativity in finding ways to close their transactions.


We help our clients create competitive advantage in transactions by seeking, uncovering and exploiting unique sources of value that change opportunities and outcomes. Some examples include:

Imaginative Research.  While engaged in a highly-contested hostile takeover, we went deep into our client’s archives and read its original nineteenth-century Articles of Incorporation.  We discovered an overlooked provision that stymied the potential acquirer and enabled the Board to negotiate a much higher price than first proposed.

Unique Work Product.  For a telecom client, we built an unprecedented industry spreadsheet disaggregating nearly 80,000 separate customer accounts, circuit connections, and addresses (in multiple languages), providing the essential foundation for appropriate valuation and logical division of assets.

Complexity Management.  We designed a precedent-setting three-way communications merger/partnership between an American teleservices company, a Russian regional gas company, and a Hong Kong equipment supplier.

Opinions that Count.  In our valuation opinion for the acquisition of OI Corporation by ITT, we supplied the first-ever use and publication of a Monte Carlo valuation analysis in a public merger proxy statement in the United States.